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- the European distributor of unique dive equipment designed by divers for divers with an insatiable curiosity. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. .

The product lines include products from BtS Systems, DUI Ltd., Ocean Management Systems, Eurocylinders AG, Luxfer Group, NoGravity and more. Check below to learn about the full equipment range

  • BtS Europa AG is not only about selling equipment, but also about introducing and supporting the idea of a particular way of diving - DIR related, where skilled & knowledgeable divers, using properly chosen equipment can undertake the adventures that motivated them to start diving in first place. Active technical diver and instructor by that time, Thomas Dederichs needed more gas volume to make deeper & longer trimix dives. Who belived that anyone would need twinsets build of 20 liter tanks? He did and decided to supply divers like himself, so today twinsets of 12, 15, 16 18 or 20 liters are often supplied to divers by a company that Thomas founded.
  • It was Dick Long, the founder of DUI in California - Diving Unlimited International - back in the 60' looking for ways to keep divers warm underwater and finally developing a diving drysuit as we know it today - with front diagonal zipper entry, telescoping torso, and tailored fit. You can not find a good quality drysuit anywhere without those features.
  • Ocean Management Systems (OMS) has been a leader in the dive industry for over 25 years. We started by designing and manufacturing equipment for technical divers when technical diving was in its infancy. Since then we have used this experience to bring advanced technology to all divers wanting superior performance from their equipment. Our products greatly enhance any diver’s situational awareness and safety during every phase of their dive. OMS has built it’s core business around patented backplate designs, unique harness systems, wings in multiple lifts and designs, fins and technical diving accessories. These and other OMS products are world renown for their innovative design and robustness.
  • The idea of creating a brand No Gravity arose when we could not find on the market undersuits corresponding to our high expectations, both in terms of thermals, as well as quality. We set ourselves the goal to create products of the highest quality, ensuring maximum comfort while maintaining attractive prices. To create our products we use only the most modern materials that have worked in extreme conditions.

We are working as satisfied partners with BtS Europa since many years

Andy Müller